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Assess The Electrical Setup To Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands and peninsulas continue to be a major renovation trend that property owners have leaned into. They’re majorly convenient and functional, and they have proved to be a return on investment. In order to match the increasing code requirements of the modern kitchen, the NFPA updates the code every year to keep good fire safety. Safe-T Fire Protection makes sure your residential or commercial building stays up to electrical code and standards on both a local and national level.

If you’re someone who finds installing island outlets a huge pain, the new change for code may be a convenient one! See below for the Island Outlet and Charger update and what the new code means for your electrical setup.

The New Code States

“Receptacle outlets for islands and peninsulas are no longer able to be installed below the countertop and work surface level.”


What This Means:

The main problem is the NEC doesn’t want countertop appliances to be plugged into the side where someone can hit the plug or the cord. Your kitchen electrical outlets should be utilized above the counter space, according to the NEC’s 2023 requirements. Make sure your kitchen island and peninsula correlate with one of the following options below. In fact, the last three editions of the NEC updates (2017, 2020, and 2023) have created a large discussion among electricians and property managers surrounding requirements for kitchen island and peninsula receptacle outlets.

The U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is the group that creates and updates the National Electrical Code (NEC) which we follow closely as a fire safety protection and services company. The 2023 NEC update revised a section where it now provides three options where outlet receptacles can be successfully installed on kitchen islands and peninsulas. 

Up-To-Date Outlet Code For Kitchen Islands and Peninsulas

kitchen counter fire safety code

It’s okay if you don’t currently have a pop-up outlet with your countertop, as shown in Option 2. While visually cool, they can be a complicated setup. For Option 3, consider heat and proper airflow, and make sure this is an ideal location for outlets if your kitchen island or peninsula has enclosed cabinets. Consult a qualified electrician to assess the wiring and make any necessary modifications for your kitchen island or peninsula.

Mindful of Safety and Convenience

Imagine you’ve taken refuge in the kitchen as your current office while the kids are running around the house. Plugging your laptop into a power outlet on your kitchen island or peninsula can be convenient if there is an electrical outlet available. 

Vacuuming around your kitchen peninsula may have been convenient to simply use the plug closest to the ground. Now with modern cordless vacuums, there is less stress for tripping over cords. Small children’s fingers won’t curiously fixate on an outlet receptacle at their level. 

Your laptop plugged into the wall (on the same level as your sink and kitchen appliances) will be much safer for your workspace than plugged below your countertop. Ensure that the power outlet on your kitchen island or peninsula is easily accessible and not obstructed by appliances or other items. You should be able to connect and disconnect your laptop’s power cord without difficulty. Take precautions since laptops generate heat while in use, so it’s important to ensure that they have proper ventilation to prevent overheating. 

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Staying Mindful About Your Outlets’ Location In The Kitchen

Kitchens are prone to spills and moisture. Be cautious about the proximity of the power outlet to water sources such as sinks, dishwashers, or faucets. Stay mindful of the risk of electrical shock around water and moisture because it is essential to avoid water contact with electrical outlets.

If you have any doubts about the outlet’s safety, contact Safe-T Fire Protection so we can verify your island is properly grounded and all outlets meet electrical safety standards.

Schedule a Professional Inspection with Safe-T Fire Protection! 

While all you needed was to conveniently plug your laptop into the closest outlet available on your kitchen island, the 2023 NEC update says that the countertop space should be the only outlet receptacle available. It’s important to prioritize safety, accessibility, and comfort, so schedule an appointment with Safe-T Fire Protection to make sure you meet all the safety codes. Certified in Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina, our experts will assess the electrical setup, proximity to water sources, heat and ventilation conditions, and overall suitability for your kitchen island and peninsula receptacles and workspace needs.

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