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At Safe-T Fire Protection, our team is committed to offering professional, adept fire protection services for the healthcare industry. In hospital buildings, chaos becomes normal with so much activity happening 24/7. It’s especially critical to have fire safety services put into place for unforeseen emergencies. Hospitals and offices may be full of chemicals, contaminants, and other forms of waste that hold the potential to catch fire. Most state regulations require that fire equipment codes are met to ensure the safety of building occupants. 

If you’re starting a new clinic, moving buildings, or need fire system maintenance, our team at Safe-T Fire Protection works diligently to be the number one fire control systems provider in the North Georgia area. For fire protection equipment installation, repair, and maintenance services, don’t hesitate to contact Safe-T Fire Protection.

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Fire Equipment Installation for Hospitals, Clinics, and Medical Offices

Fire safety systems ensure that commercial locations are equipped with the proper equipment for emergencies. It’s crucial that the fire equipment installation is properly handled the first time, as this could make all the difference in keeping your building safe. Our team at Safe-T Fire Protection is qualified and trained to handle all fire equipment installations with expert attention to detail and efficiency. We partner with the best manufacturers that produce products known for their durability and longevity. Our fire equipment installation services include: 

  • Fire Extinguishers: Most buildings require fire extinguishers to be stationed a certain amount of feet apart. It’s important that not only is your healthcare facility equipped with fire extinguishers, but that staff knows where they’re located and how to use them. There are different types of fire extinguishers, which are used for the various classes of fire. Fire extinguishers must be routinely inspected to ensure they haven’t expired and are fit for use. 
  • Fire Sprinklers: Fire sprinklers are stationed to be the first line of defense against a fire. Located in the ceiling, they have sensors equipped to detect heat and immediately release water. 
  • Fire Alarms: Fire alarms will alert building occupants to signs of danger. They must be properly installed and maintained to ensure they will work during emergency situations.
  • Emergency Lighting: In times of power outages, emergency lighting will illuminate the path to exiting the building. This is crucial in allowing people to exit safely. 
  • Smoke Detectors: Smoke detectors note changes in the atmosphere and will sound an alarm when signs of danger are detected. 
  • Kitchen Hood Systems: In hospital kitchens, where ovens and stovetops are in use, a kitchen hood system is an immediate response to fire. A suppression system will extinguish the fire with extinguisher agents. 
  • Fire Hydrants: Fire hydrants will need to be used around the perimeter of your healthcare facility. 
  • Backflow Prevention: These systems are important in protecting water from dangerous toxins and chemicals. They prevent water from flowing backward in the event of a pipe bursting.

Fire Equipment Inspections, Testing, & Maintenance

Just about all fire equipment needs to be serviced annually. Over time, equipment may experience rust and corrosion, which may inhibit its effectiveness. If you’re not testing it, you may find that equipment isn’t working during an emergency, which can be fatal. At Safe-T Fire Protection, we conduct inspections, testing, and maintenance for all fire safety systems. We’ll ensure all building codes are being met and your healthcare building is properly equipped for any type of fire emergency. We encourage you to educate your staff on fire education and prevention.

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Fire Equipment Repair

When fire equipment malfunctions, you’ll need a fire safety company on the scene immediately. At Safe-T Fire Protection, our team is well-versed in conducting fire equipment repairs. We recognize the signs of damage and weak points, which ensures we can conduct the appropriate repairs. As a building manager, you’re responsible for the safety of your employees and patients. This means that all fire safety equipment must be kept in excellent condition and routinely serviced.

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When your healthcare building needs fire protection service, contact our team at Safe-T Fire Protection! Our fire services are designed to best prepare your building for safety against fire emergencies. We’re knowledgeable on the best industry products and practices, which makes us confident we’re the best team for the job in the Metro Atlanta and North Georgia areas!

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