Fire Safety for Kids With Sparky the Dog

How to Get Kids Fired Up About Fire Safety

We know all too well how challenging it can be to compete with modern technology to keep a child’s attention.  iPhones, tablets, and video games, ‘Oh My!’ However, here at Safe-T Fire Protection, we also know that fire safety for kids is vital. Children must be aware of fire safety tips and guidelines in case the unimaginable happens, and they find themselves near an uncontrolled fire. 

Today we’re introducing you to our favorite furry friend, Sparky the Dog, who is on a mission to share tips and advice on fire safety for kids in fun and engaging ways. We’re thankful the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) has created such helpful resources, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Fire Safety for Kids with Sparky the Dog

Join Sparky’s Fire Safety Club

When you first visit Sparky’s site, you can sign up to become an official member of Sparky’s Fire Safety Club. Children complete the following 3 NFPA kids challenges to achieve this honor.

  1. Watch 10 videos on fire safety for kids
  2. Play 2 games and earn a high fire safety score
  3. Complete 8 fire safety activities 

To sign up and get started, you choose an avatar and enter a first name. It’s that simple. You also have the option to skip this step and head straight toward the games, videos, and other resources! It’s so fun your kids will forget they’re learning!

6 Things to Do in Sparky’s Club for FREE!

Watch Entertaining Videos

Your kids will love watching these short, engaging videos about fire safety for kids and learning interesting facts about fire. There are over 35 videos available in Sparky’s video library, and most are under 5 minutes long. Learn about the Science of Fire, The Sounds of Fire Safety, and the Gear Firefighters Wear, to name a few. Dance along with the interactive song and dance videos with Sparky and his friends, Recess Monkey and SteveSongs.

Play Online Games

Many games are available to play that focus on fire safety for kids. Join a game of Make Believe in a firehouse where children can choose what the character does, such as testing a fire alarm vs. trying on fire gloves. Help Sparky follow the escape plan in his house and play carnival games in Sparky’s Funhouse. A few other games include:

  • Sparky’s Firehouse
  • Matching Games
  • Whack-a-Tile
  • Downloadable Apps
  • And more!

Complete Fun Activities

There are plenty of activities to keep fire safety for kids engaging! Enjoy many coloring pages, games, and crafts in the activities section. All the printables are free to print and use. From making a Sparky party hat to sorting what’s hot and what’s not, kids will love the selection of activities here! A few more activity options include:

  • Mazes
  • Mad Libs
  • Recipes for Kids
  • Make a Fortune Teller
  • Origami Dog
  • Drawing a Dalmatian
  • Connect the Dots
  • Sparky Pencil Toppers

Explore Fire Trucks 

Explore a fire truck by clicking on various parts of a picture and learning how it works. Kids can even watch a video of Sparky touring a real-life fire engine! Find hidden objects in Sparky’s Hidden Picture or color a picture of a fire truck and sing a song with firefighters. Play games in Sparky’s Firehouse and learn all about the following fire and rescue vehicles:

  • Pumper Truck
  • Aerial Ladder Truck
  • Fire Boat
  • Rescue Ambulance
  • Heavy Duty Rescue Truck
Fire Truck

Learn More About Sparky the Dog

For over 70 years, Sparky the Dog has been teaching about fire safety for kids. He’s a household name for children’s education and helps parents, guardians, and educators teach their children and students fire tips and safety protocols. Children can read about Sparky’s story with a colorful online flip book. Go back to 1951 when Sparky was born and check out the timeline of his life and accomplishments.

Take the Fire Safety for Kids Pledge

When you feel like your child has a good grasp on basic fire safety, consider allowing them to take the fire safety for kids pledge. Here, children will review important tips and promise to follow safety guidelines in three areas.

  • Smoke Alarms- Recognize the sound of a smoke alarm, get outside and stay outside, and remind an adult to test the alarms once a month.
  • Plan a Fire Escape- Create a plan with two ways out of each room, decide on a meeting place outside the home if a fire breaks out, and practice the plan.
  • Avoid Hazards- Stay 3 feet away from anything that can be hot.

You can even print a certificate with your child’s name on it as a reminder of the pledge they’ve made!

Fire safety for kids with Sparky the Dog

Learn More About Fire Safety With Safe-T Fire Protection 

Our goal at Safe-T Fire Protection is to equip parents, guardians, and those within the education industry with resources and products to keep children safe and secure. We hope you find these resources helpful and that the children in your life have a great time exploring fire safety with Sparky! If you have questions about fire safety for kids near Buford, GA, or the surrounding areas, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is always available to help! Contact us today.

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