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Safe-T Fire Extinguisher outside of a business - fire extinguisher cabinets

The Importance of Fire Extinguisher Cabinets and Fire Extinguisher Stands

Fire extinguisher cabinets help protect fire extinguishers and keep them fully intact in case of an emergency. They prevent tampering and premature damage due to corrosion and other elements. They also stand out as an easy-to-find safety solution for a building’s occupants in case of fire. 

Fire extinguisher stands serve the same purpose as fire extinguisher cabinets: to keep the extinguishers safe yet visible. Storing the fire extinguishers in your building in an easily accessible area will help your employees, clients, and customers feel secure and well-prepared for any fire emergency. Learn more about the products we offer below!


Our Fire Extinguisher Cabinet and Stand Products 

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet and Stand Materials

Our products are made of durable materials that will stand the test of time. If you have questions about what type of material is best for you, schedule an appointment with our team! We’re here to help with fire safety services for numerous industries, covering everything from hospitals and schools to restaurants and manufacturing facilities.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets:

  • Metal
  • Steel or Stainless Steel 
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass

Fire Extinguisher Stands:

  • HDPE Plastic
  • Polyethylene
  • OEM ODM Plastic
  • Steel

We offer a full range of accessories to ensure you get the most use out of your fire extinguisher cabinets and stands. If you need decal stickers to get your cabinet or stand up to code, we have you covered! We offer the following accessories:

  • Locks
  • Lockboxes
  • Break-front striker assemblies
  • Cabinet Alarms
  • Fire Extinguisher Decals
  • And more!
Fire Extinguisher cover

Fire Extinguisher Covers

While a cabinet or stand is one component of keeping your fire extinguisher protected, fire extinguisher covers are another essential element to consider. There are many types of fire extinguisher covers available, which come in multiple material types and serve various purposes.

For example, if the glass is broken on the front panel of your fire extinguisher cabinet, we offer replacement covers to restore your extinguisher cabinet. Our Safe-T Fire Protection team can help you decide which type of fire extinguisher covers will best suit your business needs. Contact us for more information on the following cover types:

  • Bubble covers
  • Cabinet Replacement Covers
  • Vinyl Covers
  • Plastic Covers
  • Breakable Glass Covers
  • Metal Covers
  • Alarm Covers
  • Lockable Covers
  • Weatherproof Covers
  • Recessed Covers

Contact Safe-T Fire With Specific Product Questions

Do you have additional questions about fire extinguisher cabinets, stands, and covers? Safe-T Fire Protection is at your service! Check out the FAQs below or ask our trained professionals for product recommendations! From fire alarms, protective gear, and fire extinguisher recharge chemicals, we have everything your commercial property needs to stay safe, secure, and emergency-ready. Contact our team for additional product information!

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