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Do you need restaurant fire protection services? If you own a commercial kitchen, it’s vital that you’re prepared for fires, given that they can happen at any moment. By installing the correct equipment, conducting commercial fire safety training, and creating an emergency plan, your business will be safe against any restaurant fires and mishaps.

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Commercial Kitchen Suppression Systems

Commercial kitchen fire suppression systems are designed to keep fires from spreading from kitchen appliances like a stove or deep fryer. According to the National Fire Protection Association, cooking equipment is responsible for 61% of fires in eating and drinking facilities. That’s why you should understand how a kitchen fire suppression system works, where it should be installed, and how often it needs inspection. An up-to-date kitchen hood suppression system will give you peace of mind as a restaurant owner. 

How Kitchen Hood Suppressions Systems Work

For fires to thrive, three things must be in place: fuel, oxygen, and heat. Like a sprinkler system, the kitchen hood suppression system activates when it detects flames or excessive heat. When the system is activated, it discharges wet chemicals via its nozzles. These nozzles are over the appliances and in the ventilation system over the hood of your cooking station. The wet chemicals quickly put out fires by covering the flame and starving it of oxygen. 

Most kitchen hood suppression systems also come with a manual pull station that allows the kitchen staff to activate it when the system does not sense the heat of a fire early enough. The hood suppression system will also cut off the power to the appliances and outlets under the hood to eliminate any shock hazards or sparks that could ignite another fire. To deprive the fire of its fuel, the suppression system will also shut off the gas to all appliances. This method helps to stop fires in the kitchen without allowing them to spread to other stations.

commercial kitchen fire protection services

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are critical to the safety of your restaurant since they are the quickest way to notify staff and employees of a fire emergency.  Safe-T Fire Protection has been committed to providing fire safety services for over 30 years. We’re passionate about ensuring businesses are safe and ready for operation. We’ve worked with many different restaurants and understand the proper safety codes that need to be implemented. Contact us for fire alarm installation or inspections near you. It is our passion to provide restaurant fire protection services. 

Fire Safety Training

It is easy to put your commercial restaurant’s fire safety training on the back burner when you’re busy running a busy bar, restaurant, or commercial kitchen. However, it’s crucial to take kitchen equipment and fire safety training seriously. Safe-T Fire Protection recommends these tips when addressing training in your commercial kitchen fire safety plan:

  • Ensure kitchen staff knows how to use each piece of equipment properly including how to turn items on and off, how to restart or relight them, and where the gas shut-off valves and electricals are located.
  • Teach new employees fire safety protocols, evacuation procedures, and the proper use of fire safety and kitchen equipment right away. It is the business owner’s responsibility to train employees on best practices.
  • Assign someone to be an emergency “evacuation manager.” This person would be in charge of calling 911 in the event of an emergency. 

The Importance of an Emergency Plan

Safe-T Fire Protection recommends you implement an emergency fire plan. Employees should also be trained on what to do in the case of a fire, as well as how to use firefighting equipment. This will allow them to respond quickly and safely, safeguarding your diners as well. By carrying out regular equipment maintenance, having clean areas, and following the proper protocol, your staff and restaurant will be prepared for any fire-related mishaps.

Why Partner with Safe-T? 

Safe-T Fire Protection is committed to providing the best restaurant fire protection services in North Georgia. With our focus on excellent customer service and dedication to fire safety, our trained professionals are ready to fire-proof your commercial restaurant or business. For more information on fire safety equipment, best fire safety practices, and inspections give us a call at (770) 995-9950.

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