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Our 5 Steps of Fire System Installation

1. Bid 

During the bid, an initial inspection will take place. We’ll review the location that you’re in, the fire safety equipment that’s needed, and how the final price will come together. During this time, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have, and recommend different fire safety products. Our team is friendly and professional and wants the best for you and your business. 

2. Design 

Our fire contractors provide design drawings, which will then be turned over to your engineering team to review. We’ll ask that you thoroughly review all drawings and calculations. This is where we’ll also get your insurance team involved to ensure that they accept all drawings as well. After all equipment drawings and calculations are approved by your team and insurance, we’ll order the correct parts and develop an action plan with a timeline.

Fire systems installation

3. Installation 

Now comes the exciting part: your fire control system’s installation! It’s important that this step happens after everything has been finalized. Once the fire safety system is installed, significant changes can’t happen without expensive additional costs. Safe-T Fire Protection’s team of professionals has years of experience with advanced fire systems and is proud to display our fire safety certification. With meticulous attention to detail and the same level of dedication to each project, we’re confident that we’ll install an excellent fire safety system at your business.

4. Evaluation 

An evaluation will ensure that the fire protection system was installed correctly and meets all state regulations. Verification is needed that the correct design, size, and installation specifications were met. Nondestructive acceptance testing will also be performed. Since testing in actual kitchen conditions is not possible, there are additional factors that can help simulate a realistic environment. It’s important that the fire safety system works correctly and is dependable for fire emergencies.

Fire systems maintenance

5. Annual Inspection 

Once you have a fire safety system installed, it’s important to schedule annual inspections. During an inspection, your system will be thoroughly examined for any potential issues. It will also be looked over to ensure everything is properly functioning. We recommend that you schedule semi-annual inspections since this system is so vital to your business. Regular fire system maintenance will increase the longevity of your advanced fire system and ensure it will be dependable during times of emergency.

We Install Fire Safety Systems

Fire suppression systems are crucial to the safety of your commercial business. It’s important that you hire a service team that handles installation and maintenance correctly the first time. Make sure your fire suppression system meets code, and read more from our “Types of Fire Suppression Systems” blog. There’s no room for error regarding fire safety, as it can mean the difference between stopping a fire and letting it spread. We’re well-trained in installing all types of commercial fire alarm systems. Give us a call today to talk to our team!

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