While we hope a fire never occurs in a place of business, Safe-T Fire Protection strives to service and educate fire protection and leaders in fire safety. For the automobile industry, many building codes need to be met since many flammable materials are present and stored at this establishment.  

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Automobile Fire Protection Services

Tires will be found in the automobile industry, and tires are the worst thing to catch on fire. Although rare, when tires are exposed to fire, they release deadly toxic smoke in a thick, black cloud that takes forever to extinguish fully. Be proactive and contact NFPA-certified fire safety and prevention professionals.

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Fire Suppression Systems

Smaller locally-owned dealerships and other automobile establishments are our bread and butter. We love assisting and teaching car manufacturing plants, dealerships, and tire shops on what is needed to pass and succeed in meeting their building codes. Whether you’re on the road or maintaining your automobile-driven business, you need a fire suppression system in place.

Our team performs fire safety equipment installation, maintenance, and repair services. If you want to better understand your building codes, we’re happy to help! We’ll ensure your buildings are up to date with all regulations. We work hard to be your number-one choice for fire protection services, and our team is committed to keeping your fire systems fully operational. 

We provide expert-level fire safety services to these following automobile industries:

  • Auto-Body Shops
  • Automobile Repair Service
  • Dealerships and Rental Agencies
  • Automobile Manufacturing Plants
  • Lubrication Oil Retail Shops
  • Food Trucks
  • Auto Accessories Store
  • Tire Shops

Fire Extinguishers– Different types of fire extinguishers are used for the various classes of fire whether it’s for your dealership or for your automobile. Fire extinguishers must be routinely inspected to ensure they haven’t expired and are fit for use.

Fire Alarms– Fire alarms will alert building occupants to signs of danger. They must be properly installed and maintained to ensure they will work during emergencies.

Emergency Lighting– During power outages, emergency lighting will illuminate the path to exiting the building. This is crucial in allowing people to exit safely.

Smoke Detectors– Smoke detectors note changes in the atmosphere and will sound an alarm when signs of danger are detected.

Backflow Prevention These systems protect water from dangerous toxins and chemicals. They prevent water from flowing backward in the event of a pipe bursting.

Fire Hydrants– Fire hydrants will need to be used around the perimeter of your manufacturing facility.

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Spray Booth Systems Needs Fire Safety

Spray booth systems require a fire suppression system, no matter how much it’s being utilized at your commercial or industrial property. In the automobile industry, oil, grease, and gasoline is exposed to paint, foam, and other materials in close quarters. Spray booth systems are vital to extinguishing fires in the automobile industry.

No matter if you were using an automobile-related component, a microwave fire could be the cause of damage to your automobile establishment. Either way, having an emergency system set up for your spray booth system could prevent extensive damage to your business.

Safe-T Fire Protection Services Tailor-Made For Your Business

Any business and commercial property Safe-T Fire Protection services requires a different level of fire protection devices for the automobile industry. Our tailor-made installation and repair services are made available for our various clientele and industries that need help maintaining necessary fire safety equipment. We have over three decades of experience as a local, family-owned helping businesses meet their building codes.

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