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Safe-T Fire Protection proudly provides fire safety services for new construction companies. Starting a new business involves a lot of decision making and responsibility. Once a building has been built, it will need to be properly equipped with fire safety products. Building codes vary state to state, so it’s important to conduct research about what equipment is required in your area. Not only will fire systems need to be installed, but you’ll need to construct a maintenance schedule that allows routine inspections. As the business owner, you’ll want to become familiar with all fire safety equipment and ensure you know how to use it. It’s important that you’re prepared for all types of emergencies.

Our team at Safe-T Fire Protection has over three decades of experience with fire safety services. We’re passionate about ensuring your new business is safe and ready for operation. We’ve worked with many new construction companies and understand the best way to ensure all codes are met. We emphasize customer service with every job we undertake and operate with efficiency and professionalism. We want your business to be as safe as possible, which is why we install only the best fire protection systems. 

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Our New Construction Services 

We offer fire safety sales, installation, repair, and maintenance services for new construction companies. If you come to us for service, we’ll research all building codes and outline the fire safety systems that are required. We’ll develop an action plan, order the necessary equipment, and construct a time frame for installation. The following services are ones that may be required at your new construction building: 

Fire System Installation: Fire safety systems encompass different types of equipment, such as sprinklers, alarms, and smoke detectors, which are built to satisfy fire codes in your area. It begins with an initial bid, where an inspection will take place. We’ll then provide design drawings before beginning the fire system installation. After installation, we’ll complete an evaluation to ensure all equipment is working properly. 

Fire Extinguishers: Fire extinguishers are mandatory pieces of equipment that must be located in a visible and accessible location. It’s important that building occupants know where fire extinguishers are located and how to operate them. 

Fire Alarms: Fire alarms will need to be installed throughout new buildings. They also must be tested regularly to ensure they stay working properly. 

Emergency Lighting: All buildings are required to have emergency lighting. In times of emergencies, exit signs need to be illuminated to show people where to go. It’s important that this type of lighting has a battery backup, as the power may go out during a fire.

Kitchen Hood Systems: If you are operating a commercial kitchen, a suppression system will be required. This is a type of extinguisher unit that’s prepped with nozzles full of fire extinguisher agents. They’re built to detect fires and immediately extinguish them. 

Fire Hydrants: Fire hydrants will need to be installed around the perimeter of the building and kept well maintained. 

Backflow Prevention: Backflow preventers are installed on pipes and allow the water to flow in only one direction. If a pipe were to burst, this prevents the water from flowing backwards and contaminating the public water supply. 

Fire Sprinkler System: Fire sprinkler systems are built to detect heat and automatically release water. These systems must be inspected and maintained to ensure they’re ready to release water in a fire. 

Smoke Detectors: Smoke detectors are required in multiple locations of a building and should be regularly tested to ensure they’re working. Through maintenance, smoke detector alarms and batteries will be tested. 

Why Partner with Safe-T? 

Safe-T Fire Protection is committed to providing the best fire services in North Georgia. With our focus on excellent customer service, we’re confident we’ll exceed your expectations. If you’re a new construction company, we’re ready to help you meet all fire code requirements and be prepared for business operation. 

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