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To have an industrial paint booth, businesses are required to install a fire suppression system. Here at Safe-T Fire Protection, we offer this service and are confident that we are the best team to help you get the best spray booth system. We offer spray booth system installation and maintenance services to keep your booth in the best shape. 

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Types of Paint Booths

Bench Spray Paint Booth 

This spray booth exhaust system is environmentally safe and follows all codes required by NFPA. It also is designed to remove the overspray that occurs during the painting process. The booth is space-saving and can be customized to the size of your liking. The material is made of galvanized steel, which is resistant to marks and will last a long time. 

Dry Filter Spray Booth 

Dry filtration technology is popular with paint spray booths. The dry filter sizes will work with the majority of parts on the market. When you are designing a dry filter spray booth, you need to consider the size of the products you will be spray painting. You will need a 3-foot gap above the product and a 5-foot space around the product. Also consider where your booth will be located in your business, in consideration of spacing. 

spray booth system

Spray Booth System Inspection

This is what will be looked at during a typical spray booth ventilation system inspection:

  • Location of nozzles 
  • Internal inspection for corrosion 
  • Piping and copper tubing
  • Hydro cylinder test
  • Hydro regulator test  
  • Check the level of pressurized tanks
  • Electrical interlocks

There are a couple of different spray booth fire suppression systems that we can recommend to you. We also take care of fire suppression system installation as well. 

Automatic Fire Suppression 

This dry chemical system will automatically notice and deter a fire. When it detects a fire, the suppression system will turn on and an alarm will sound. It will cut off all airflow into the booth so that the fire is starved of oxygen. This is built to handle combustible materials, flammable liquids, and flammable gases. 

Pyro-Chem Monarch

The Pyro-Chem Monarch fire suppression system is popular with larger booths, designed for vehicles. Another option is the Kidde fire suppression system. Both of these systems follow all codes required by the state.

Paint Booth Suppression System Parts 

  • Cylinders
  • Agent tanks
  • Pull stations
  • Alarm bell
  • Control heads
  • Nozzles and caps 
  • Detectors, brackets, and fusible links

Now that you are familiar with spray booth filter systems, make sure to call us here at Safe-T Fire Protection for spray booth fire suppression installations and repairs. Also make sure to have a fire extinguisher on hand, even with the fire suppression system. You can never be too prepared for an emergency.

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