Fires at manufacturing facilities cause hundreds of deaths and millions in property damage each year. Fires can’t always be avoided, but many are preventable with the right fire safety equipment and training. Protect your employees and your business by partnering with Safe-T Fire Protection. We install and maintain fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, sprinklers, smoke detectors, and alarms.

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Fire Equipment Installation for Manufacturing Companies

One of the best ways to keep your employees safe in a manufacturing facility is to have a proper fire safety system. With a fire safety system, you can rest assured that your manufacturing facility is armed with the equipment to handle any fire emergency. Fire equipment installations need to be taken seriously. They require attention to detail and a high degree of training and skill. Safe-T Fire Protection team members have undergone extensive training and are certified in fire equipment installation, repair, and maintenance. These are a few of the fire equipment installation services we provide for manufacturing companies: 

Fire Extinguishers– Most buildings require fire extinguishers to be stationed several feet apart. It’s crucial that your manufacturing facility is not only equipped with fire extinguishers, but that staff knows where they’re located and how to use them. Different types of fire extinguishers are used for the various classes of fire. Fire extinguishers must be routinely inspected to ensure they haven’t expired and are fit for use.

Fire Sprinklers– Fire sprinklers are stationed to be the first line of defense against a fire. Located in the ceiling, they have sensors to detect heat and immediately release water.

Fire Alarms– Fire alarms will alert building occupants to signs of danger. They must be properly installed and maintained to ensure they will work during emergencies.

Emergency Lighting– During power outages, emergency lighting will illuminate the path to exiting the building. This is crucial in allowing people to exit safely.

Smoke Detectors– Smoke detectors note changes in the atmosphere and will sound an alarm when signs of danger are detected.

Backflow Prevention These systems protect water from dangerous toxins and chemicals. They prevent water from flowing backward in the event of a pipe bursting.

Fire Hydrants– Fire hydrants will need to be used around the perimeter of your manufacturing facility.

Fire Equipment Inspections, Testing, & Maintenance

You have enough to focus on at your manufacturing facility, so Safe-T Fire Protection offers inspections, testing, and maintenance for your property’s fire equipment. Most fire equipment needs to be inspected and serviced yearly. Without annual inspections, fire equipment may lose effectiveness, which could prove disastrous in an emergency. We will ensure your manufacturing facility meets all building codes and regulations. We can even train your employees on fire education and safety measures.

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Why Your Manufacturing Company Needs an Emergency Plan

Having the proper fire safety equipment installed in your manufacturing facility is one thing, but your employees must be trained in how to use that equipment. If there’s a fire, employees need to be trained in safety procedures and what exactly they should do. Safe-T Fire Protection is passionate about fire safety education, and we highly recommend your manufacturing company implement an emergency fire plan. Knowing how to respond quickly and rationally in a fire emergency will build confidence in your employees that they can handle any emergency. 

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Fire Equipment Repair

Fire safety equipment must be kept in tip-top shape to work effectively. If any of the fire equipment at your manufacturing company starts to malfunction, contact Safe-T Fire Protection immediately! We have years of experience in all types of fire equipment repair. We are dedicated to keeping you, your employees, and your manufacturing facility safe. 

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Our trained team of professionals at Safe-T Fire Protection has over 35 years of experience in the fire safety industry. We’d be honored to partner with your manufacturing company to ensure your facility is up to date with all building codes and regulations. Our team is dedicated to educating employees on the latest fire safety tips and keeping your manufacturing facility safe with a fully functional fire system. Contact us today for fire safety equipment installation, repair, and maintenance services in Georgia and South Carolina.

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