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For all of our fire protection and safety blog prompts, we follow the NFPA closely and regularly check for local as well as nationwide updates for informational and educational purposes. Whether it’s fire safety and protection for your home or for your business, it’s important to prioritize safety, accessibility, and comfort. Schedule an appointment with Safe-T Fire Protection to make sure you meet all the safety codes. We’re members of GAFSED, NAFED, and the NFPA! Certified in Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina, our experts regularly update this page with new blog posts, industry know-hows, misconceptions, FAQs, and so much more!

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Do’s and Don’ts of Fire Extinguisher Storage: How And Where To Store Them

Fire Extinguishers: Skulking In The Distance Or Just A Coincidence? When you think about fire extinguishers, what comes to your mind’s eye? Maybe you think of them beaming proud and red in their elevated glass cases. Perhaps a travel-sized car extinguisher comes to mind. Either way, many of us have seen them in the movie…

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Benefits of Home Fire Sprinklers

When it comes to fire protection, fire sprinklers are the best choice to save lives and protect property. Although they save thousands of properties in the country each year, fire sprinklers are less common in residential buildings than commercial ones. It’s the mission of Safe-T Fire Protection to change that.  Did you know smoke detectors…

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New Code for Charger Outlets

Assess The Electrical Setup To Your Kitchen Island Kitchen islands and peninsulas continue to be a major renovation trend that property owners have leaned into. They’re majorly convenient and functional, and they have proved to be a return on investment. In order to match the increasing code requirements of the modern kitchen, the NFPA updates…

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Freeze Winter Fires- How To Stay Fire Smart During Cold Months

Did you know half of all home heating fires occur from November through March? The colder months and the seasonal holidays cause people to–more often than not– turn up the heat. Maybe they do this by lighting some candles, plugging in space heaters, or straight up tending a fire in their fireplace.  Christmas trees, decorations,…

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Types of Fire Suppression Systems– Does Yours Meet the Code?

When we talk about fire suppression systems, they are the most important component of fire protection. Fire suppression systems can encompass any fire protection tool to put out smoke, fire, or a combination of both. Remember, when we are talking about fire suppression systems, point to your professionally installed fire extinguisher located near an exit…

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Summer Fire Safety

Summer vacations, camping, family reunions, picnics, and the Fourth of July are all things that Americans look forward to every year. However, these great summer activities also bring the risk of fires and injuries caused by fireworks and outdoor grills. Fireworks and grill fires injure over 16,000 Americans annually. More than half of these injuries…

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Fire Safety Training

A Guide To Fire Safety Training At a young age, we are taught the basics of how to protect ourselves in the event of a fire. We learn the stop, drop, and roll concept, and have routine fire drills to ensure the entire school is prepared for an emergency. Unfortunately, fire safety training usually stops…

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What is Fire Protection Week?

What is Fire Protection Week? October 3rd-9th is dedicated to fire safety awareness. Established in 1922, fire prevention week was created in memory of the Great Chicago Fire in 1871. This tragic fire killed over 250 people and burned more than 2000 acres. This major fire crisis altered the way that public officials viewed fire…

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