Fire Alarms

Working fire alarm systems alert people to danger as quickly as possible. It allows for building residents to get to safety and call for help, which can be the difference between life and death. A broken fire alarm that won’t sound could result in much more damage and injuries. It’s essential for business owners to ensure that their fire alarm system is working properly and will be ready to sound in emergencies. 

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Fire Alarm Testing

Because fire alarms are not in use every day, they can easily encounter issues or stop functioning without your knowledge. That’s why it’s important to test your fire alarm system routinely. Some fire alarm manufacturers will recommend fire alarm testing as frequently as once a week. Whether you do this or not, you must have a fire alarm inspection done at least once a year. Check with your state guidelines and make sure you are following all the safety codes. We provide fire alarm testing in Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama, frequently serving Buford, Suwanee, Lawrenceville, and many other Gwinnett and Hall County areas.

We conduct both fire alarm testing and inspections. As fire alarm suppliers, our team is highly trained to thoroughly inspect your entire alarm system and ensure it’s in great working condition. Here’s what a typical fire alarm inspection will include: 

  • Testing and cleaning the smoke detectors
  • Inspecting heat detectors
  • Checking the sound level on alarms
  • Ensuring that the alarm system meets NFPA codes

All of the equipment and devices must be working correctly in conjunction with each other. Here at Safe-T Fire Protection, we are happy to provide this service. Contact us to make an appointment today. 

Fire Alarm Repair

If we discover that your fire alarm system is not working, we will provide the fire alarm repair. If your fire alarms need to be replaced, we can provide recommendations for the best fire alarm systems out there. We can answer any questions you may have and point you to fire alarm suppliers. Read more about properly placed smoke alarms from our blog “Why Smoke Alarms Should Be On Every Level of Your Home” and the types of smoke alarms that may be the best fit for your building or household. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and conducting the best installation, maintenance, and repairs of smoke alarms across the states of Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina. 

We recommend that you test your commercial fire alarm once a week. Pick a consistent day and time and make sure to let your employees know about the forthcoming fire alarm beeping. 

If a fire alarm is properly maintained, it should last 10-12 years. If your alarms are older than this, it’s best to have them replaced, even if they still work. They will likely run into issues and may not be dependable in an emergency. A fire alarm battery will determine its longevity.

If you have a fire alarm beeping, it may be that the batteries are low. There could be a number of causes including that the fire alarm batteries are loose or not installed correctly, the fire alarm cover is dirty, the fire alarm needs to be reset, or it needs to be replaced. Fire alarm chirping can be frustrating, but it sounds for a reason.

Yes, absolutely. Sprinkler systems turn on after the fire has already started, whereas fire alarms will detect the presence of flames before they begin. There may not be time to escape if you have a sprinkler system without a fire alarm. 

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