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A backflow preventer is extremely important in protecting water from harmful toxins and chemicals. Backflow is the reverse flow of water, in this case, from a fire suppression system. Buildings with running water draw their water from a shared source, which in neighborhoods would connect houses, plumbing, and sprinklers, to name a few. Commercial buildings would connect public bathrooms, water fountains, etc. The water spreads to these individual water mains but falls into a backflow. 

In the event that a pipe bursts, the water system will pull water from wherever it can. This means that if a sprinkler system is running while someone is filling a cup with water in their kitchen, that water could pull from the sprinklers, laden with toxins. Backflow prevention devices prevent this; it allows water to only flow in one direction. 

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What Are Backflow Prevention Devices?

A backflow preventer device contains valves and inlets that are installed on your water pipes. Sometimes called a cross-connection device, it’s required by the NFPA to be installed on pipes. If a pipe system bursts without a backflow device, it could be catastrophic. People would be drinking chemical-filled water, which could lead to severe health issues. That’s why it’s crucial that a backflow preventer is in place and undergoes routine inspections.

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Backflow Preventer Inspection 

The NFPA requires that backflow prevention inspections take place. Here are some of the requirements: 

  • Daily/Weekly: Visually inspect the backflow prevention valves. Inspect pressure detectors and check control valves. 
  • Monthly: Check valves thoroughly.
  • Annually: Full forward flow test. 

It’s required that backflow prevention testing occurs at least once a year. Part of this is because foreign contaminants in the water can easily cause issues with backflow devices. A tiny piece of rust or debris can cause the device to fail, even if your backflow preventer system was just repaired. This is why routine inspections and maintenance are required. Sometimes, the city may ask for proof showing the backflow system connected to your irrigation. Businesses are required to show proof of their backflow systems as well. 

Backflow Preventer Installation

Safe-T Fire Protection provides backflow installation for commercial businesses. We’ll take care of your backflow prevention assembly and teach you how to maintain the backflow prevention system well. If you are starting a business, don’t hesitate to schedule this installation, as it’s an essential part of safety in the workplace. The average backflow device cost is about $300. The device itself will range from $35 to $600 while labor can range anywhere from $100 and up. Here at Safe-T Fire Protection, we aim to beat competitor prices by 10%. Send us an invoice/quote from your last company and we’ll offer a better price and stellar service.

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