We partner with schools, colleges, and universities to provide top-of-the-line fire protection services. Fire safety is our passion, so we ensure expert installation, testing, and service of fire alarms, sprinklers, extinguishers, emergency lighting, and more. Count on Safe-T Fire Protection as the leading fire protection service in Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.

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Fire Protection Services for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

For over 35 years, Safe-T Fire Protection has been a leader in fire protection services and fire safety education for the community. We regularly provide educational facility fire protection systems to ensure the children and young adults of tomorrow can learn in a safe environment. For schools, colleges, and universities, we provide end-to-end fire protection services, including:

We do everything in our power to ensure students and faculty are prepared and protected in the event of a fire. Contact us to learn more about our fire protection company and how we can serve your campus!

What Fire Protection Systems are Needed on a University Campus?

For a college or university, every building should be equipped with the proper fire safety equipment. For example:

  • Food service halls should have kitchen fire suppression systems, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and fire sprinklers.
  • Dormitories and classrooms should have fire sprinklers, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and emergency exit lighting.
  • Campus grounds should include fire hydrants and backflow preventers. 
  • Science labs should have fire suppression systems, fume hoods, fire extinguishers, and fire sprinklers. 

This fire protection equipment ensures that students can learn and live safely on university grounds. 

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Fire Alarms for Schools – Installation, Inspection, Testing, and Service

Fire alarms for schools are a vital element in creating a safe place to learn. To meet the unique needs of your facility, we provide custom fire alarm system design and installation, so that every inch of your building is covered. We also offer fire alarm inspections, testing, and service to ensure your fire protection system is equipped for reliability and quick response for years to come. 

More, we are available for fire safety training! One of our fire protection experts can walk you through determining the best protocol in the event of a fire and running through drills with the student body and faculty. We do everything we can to provide the best fire safety for schools, colleges, and universities. 

Fire Sprinkler Systems for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

A fast-acting fire sprinkler system is your first line of defense in the event of a fire emergency, limiting the spread of fire and property damage. At Safe-T Fire Protection, we provide comprehensive fire sprinkler services for schools, colleges, and universities. From installation to annual inspections to service and repairs, our fire safety experts are prepared to serve your facility with the best. With our fire sprinkler systems for schools in place, you can rest assured that your students and faculty with be protected during a fire. 

Safe-T Fire Protection Provides School Fire Safety

Educational facilities can include a wide range of buildings and properties. If you manage or own any of the following, we would be happy to assist you with educational facility fire protection services!

  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • College
  • University
  • Gymnasium
  • Library
  • Museum
  • Art Gallery
  • Theater
  • Concert Hall

When it’s time to upgrade or service your fire protection system for schools, colleges, or universities, trust Safe-T Fire Protection to partner with you. Backed by over 35 years of fire safety experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide the best installation, testing, and service for your fire protection system. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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