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Our services can be tailor-built to meet the needs of your business. While our most frequent service is annual fire extinguisher services, we are equipped and experienced in all fire protection and life safety services. We provide service, inspection, and installation for a wide range of fire protection services listed below. We look forward to helping you make your business great!

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Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are designed to fight and reduce the spread of initial fires. There are multiple classes of fire extinguishers based on the type of fire including ABC Powder, Carbon Dioxide, Wet Chemical, Water Mist, Foam, and Clean Agent. We have the experience and resources to install any of these fire extinguisher types.

Kitchen Hood Systems

In a busy commercial kitchen environment, kitchen hood systems are the first line of defense to prevent a fire. These systems work to reduce the risk of fire by removing heat and smoke vapors that are generated from the cooking process. Kitchen hood systems are vital to the safety of a commercial kitchen and also require routine maintenance by a certified fire protection company.

Fire Sprinkler System

Fire sprinkler systems are the primary defense against a fire in your commercial or industrial property. They are designed to protect your business and the lives of your employees by reducing the spread of a fire during the time before the fire department arrives. Safe-T Fire Protection offers a wide range of fire sprinkler systems to meet the unique needs of your business.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a vital system that will ensure the safety of your business in the event of a power outage during a fire or other emergency. These are battery-backed lighting devices that illuminate primary exit routes like stairs, corridors, aisles, or ramps.

Spray Booth Systems

To run an industrial paint spray booth in your commercial or industrial business, you need a fire suppression system. This ensures that hazardous or flammable materials can be contained and repressed in the event of a fire.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarm systems require several devices working together to provide an early warning of a fire. These systems are mandatory in buildings, industrial properties, offices, markets, multi-family living spaces, and more. They are vital to ensure employees and residents receive timely alerts of fire danger and exit the building quickly.

Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are the external connection point to a water supply, available to fire departments to fight fires. The proper installation and maintenance of fire hydrants are vital to ensure that future fires can be repressed promptly.

backflow preventer

Backflow Preventer

Backflow devices are important to protect water supplies from being contaminated or polluted. Routine testing of your backflow preventer is also mandatory for commercial water lines to ensure your property has the best quality water.

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