Whether you need fire protection services for a mass entertainment space or for private parties, banquets, or studios, you need a dependable and local fire protection company. We help you meet the codes for your venue, and we can provide an emergency plan with fire protection supplies. As a professional and certified company, Safe-T Fire Protection can perform fire protection services for all places of entertainment in Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina. 

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Fire Protection Services Available

If you’re starting a business that falls under the entertainment industry, we can help you install and maintain fire protection devices, so your new business meets all the state codes. 

At Safe-T, we install, replace, and maintain fire safety equipment and devices for the following:

  • Art Exhibits
  • Escape Rooms
  • Zoos
  • Banquets
  • Private Party Venues
  • Roller Skating Rinks
  • Indoor Sports Complex
  • Arenas
  • Party Equipment Rental Service
  • Theaters
  • Arcades
  • Sound Studios
  • Art Studios
  • Clubs
  • Ice Skating Rinks

Exit Sign Installation

Many entertainment buildings like movie theaters, arcades, and escape rooms are known to be dark or dimly lit. Venues with little to no overhead lighting rely on their various entertainment screens or aisles for customers to avenue around the premises. Exit signs should always be visible in case there’s an emergency.

Examples of Exit signs
NFPA updated guidelines

Don’t let your entertainment building be the grounds for a new movie or television show inspiration! In case there’s a fire, protect your occupants from being trapped, and always allow easy access for people with disabilities around your entertainment venue. Safe-T Fire Protection knows all the required guidelines and protocols for fire protection services like exit sign installation.

Fire Extinguishers To Be Seen and Installed

The number one regulation for fire extinguishers is they need to be installed in places where they’re visible. Entertainment venues need accessible fire extinguishers, and if an obstruction is unavoidable, then there needs to be a sign provided to indicate the extinguisher’s location. See below for the other services we offer to industries:

Safe-T Fire Extinguishers entertainment

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an entertainment venue have a wheeled fire extinguisher?

Entertainment venues tend to have high ceilings that a standard extinguisher could never reach. Wheeled fire extinguishers are bigger, and heavier, and they can hold three to five times the amount that standard fire extinguishers hold. Since they still need to be accessible for one person to reach if there’s an early stage of a fire, wheeled fire extinguishers can easily maneuver around obstacles and down aisles.

According to the United States Department of Labor, one or more fire extinguishers must be available on each floor. In multistory buildings, at least one fire extinguisher should be located adjacent to the stairway.

The NFPA released a new edition of accessibility guidelines, so industries that include entertainment would have fire systems with verbal instructions, visible ramps, and visual images of emergency exits. The new guidelines are so that entertainment business managers can address any obstacles or gaps that would prevent their occupants and people with disabilities from access in case of an emergency. 

Examples of Exit Signs

    Contact Our Fire Safety Experts For Your Entertainment Building 

    Our team has over 35 years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining fire protection equipment for various businesses and industries. We’re certified to install and service fire protection equipment in Georgia, South Carolina, and parts of Alabama. At Safe-T Fire Protection, our goal is to educate businesses in the entertainment industry on how to prevent fires at all costs and to prepare for emergencies just in case.

    When you partner with us, you can feel confident knowing we stay up to date on the latest fire protection and safety protocols, procedures, and products for your entertainment business. We’re members of the following reputable associations:

    • GAFSED– Georgia Association of Fire Safety Equipment Dealers
    • NAFED– National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors
    • NFPA– National Fire Prevention Association
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