Fire Protection Services Lawrenceville GA 

Safe-T Fire Protection is in the business of making sure your company is up to date on fire safety requirements and regulations year after year. This is why we provide high-quality fire prevention equipment and service in Lawrenceville GA and the surrounding areas. Our team of certified fire protection technicians are knowledgeable of the NFPA fire codes, and can confidently ensure your building is meeting all Georgia fire protection regulations and rules. Our fire protection services include installing, repairing, and inspecting essential fire equipment such as fire alarms, backflow systems, fire extinguishers, and smoke detectors. With our help, you can make your Lawrenceville GA business a safe place to work. 

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Fire Alarm Services to Protect Your Business 

Fire alarm systems are one of the most important things to have in a building. Fire alarms alert everyone around of danger, allowing them to quickly exit for safety. Since your fire alarm plays such a crucial part in protecting your employees, you should make sure your system is installed correctly and inspected annually. Here at Safe T Fire Protection, we have decades of experience handling fire alarm installations near Lawrenceville GA. With our extensive knowledge of the NFPA fire codes, we can confidently handle your fire alarm installation quickly and ensure everything is up to code. When you need a dependable fire protection company near you to install fire alarm systems, Safe-T Fire Protection is the team for the job! 

On top of fire alarm installation, we also offer fire alarm inspections near Lawrenceville GA. Our technicians can perform a thorough fire alarm inspection on your system to ensure your fire alarm will work properly during an emergency. In most cases, you won’t know your fire alarm is not working until you need it, and by then it will be too late. This is why it is important to schedule fire alarm inspections in Lawrenceville GA at least once a year.  If during your inspection we notice any issues, we can also take care of your fire alarm repair. We have completed many fire alarm repairs in Lawrenceville GA, and are ready with the replacement parts and tools to quickly complete any repairs. You can schedule a fire alarm inspection or fire alarm repair with us today by calling 770-995-9950.

Fire Extinguishers Near Lawrenceville GA 

Fire extinguishers are mandatory fire tools needed in all Lawrenceville GA buildings. The reason fire extinguishers are so important is that they have the potential to stop a small fire from becoming a huge emergency. Even though fire extinguishers are so important, they are useless if they do not meet NFPA regulations. This is why we provide Lawrenceville GA with professional fire extinguisher inspections. 

Fire extinguishers can experience leaks, damage, and rust, causing them to malfunction in the event of a fire emergency. This is the main reason Georgia rules say fire extinguishers in buildings should be inspected at least once a year. We are available for same day fire extinguisher inspections in Lawrenceville GA and surrounding areas. Once we conduct a full inspection, we can determine if your fire extinguisher needs any repairs or a replacement. Schedule your fire extinguisher service near Lawrenceville GA with us by calling 770-995-9950.

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Safe-T Fire Protection is your one-stop-shop for all things fire protection. We are highly trained and certified to handle all fire protection services in Lawrenceville GA. From fire alarm repairs to fire extinguisher inspections, you can count on us to be there for you!

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